Interpol finds Concordia helmsman in Indonesia

Rome, April 10: The helmsman who was steering the Costa Concordia cruise ship when it struck a rock on the western coast of Italy in 2012, leaving 32 people dead, has been found in Indonesia by international police agency Interpol, the media reported.

Helmsman Jacob Rusil Bin was found by Interpol in the countryside outside the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Corriere della Sera reported Wednesday.

Rusil Bin was steering the cruise ship when it ran aground off the coast of Tuscany Jan 13, 2012, with over 4,000 people on board.

The helmsman is wanted in Italy to testify in the trial of Francesco Schettino, the cruise ship captain, who has argued that Rusil Bin misinterpreted his orders on the night of the crash, The Local reported.

The vessel is still grounded off the shore waiting to be towed away, after being turned upright last year in a salvage operation estimated to have cost 825 million euros.