One invalid observer freed, others still held captive in Ukraine

Slavyansk, Apr 28: Pro-Russian separatists released one of the members of the European military observer team for medical reasons, shortly after detaining them before cameras.

Vyacheslav Ponomarev, self-declared mayor of Slavyansk, made at least 7 observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe appear in front of a staged media

The freed observer from Sweden was released due to his ailment of diabetes but, particular care was taken of him by his captors.

Delegation leader Alex Schneider said that the team comprising of eight Europeans and few other Ukranians were being held captive in the cellar of a building, guarded by armed men.

According to CNN, Ponomarev has accused the observers of being spies for NATO and might negotiate them for pro-Russian activists held by Kiev but there is no certainity towards the same.

The observers were kidnapped on Friday outside Slavyansk,one of the main standpoints between Ukraine’s government and Russian bloc.

Although they have a diplomatic stance, the observers had to take part in the staged media event as it was compelled by Ponomarev. (ANI)