Jihadists fighting in Syria pose ‘ inevitable security risk’ for UK, warns expert

London, Apr. 6: Britain faces an ‘inevitable’ risk of terror strike from jihadist fighters returning from Syria.

A senior counter-terror chief has warned that fighters are returning from the conflict radicalized and ready to strike Britain.

Experts warned that thousands of foreign fighters, including hundreds of Britons, are now in Syria.

According to the Independent, the jihadists are gaining ‘combat experience and forging connections with extremists’, and as a result they could ‘return radicalised’ and ‘seek to carry out attacks against the West’.

Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s counter-terrorism co-coordinator, said that the threat posed by veterans from Syria is unprecedented.

The warning is made in written evidence to a Home Affairs Select Committee inquiry on counter terrorism.

He also called for ‘concerted and co-coordinated action’ by European countries to ‘avoid destabilisation and the establishment of terrorist safe havens,’ the report added. (ANI)