Kerry accuses Russia of ‘destabilizing’ Ukraine

London, Apr. 25: Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Russia of ‘distraction, deception and destabilization’ in eastern Ukraine, threatening to face further sanctions if Moscow did not help defuse the crisis.

Kerry was speaking amid an increasing war of words between the United States and Russia over events in eastern Ukraine.

The comments from Kerry were unusually blunt language from America’ top diplomat.

According to the BBC, rather than speaking on behalf of the US, Kerry repeatedly referred to how ‘the world’ judged Russia’s actions.

He stopped short of announcing new sanctions although he said ‘costs’ for Russia would only grow.

Kerry said US intelligence was confident that Russia was ‘playing an active role in destabilising eastern Ukraine’ with personnel, weapons, money and operational planning,’ the report said.

He added that the window for Russia to change course was closing and that if it did not choose to de-escalate, the US was ready to impose further sanctions, it added. (ANI)