Kyrgyz parliament approves Zhoomart Otorbayev as PM

Bishkek, April 4: Kyrgyzstan’s parliament Thursday approved Zhoomart Otorbayev as the new prime minister of the central Asian republic, Xinhua reported.

The deputies approved the government programme, structure and composition at a plenary session.

The composition and structure of the government remained virtually unchanged compared to the previous one. Only one of the three deputy prime ministers and one of the 15 ministers have been replaced.

Otorbayev’s candidacy for the post of prime minister was nominated by the newly-created ruling coalition consisting of the Social Democratic Party of Kyrgyzstan, “Ar-Namys” (Dignity) and “Ata Meken” (Fatherland).

The government of Kyrgyzstan resigned March 18 after the parliamentary majority coalition collapsed.