Liz Hurley’s 6m-pound-mansion gets invaded by giant mutant rats

London, April 21: Elizabeth Hurley’s 6 million pound mansion in Hertfordshire country recently became infested with giant mutant rats recently.

The 48-year-old actress said on Twitter that her mother was on her way round with her two killer cats.

She also said that operation Vermin started early morning and that she was on her my hands and knees looking for evidence.

She later thanked people for giving her pest killing advice declaring that she had declared a war on the vermins.

Meanwhile, senior pest control officer Andy Luck explained that when the sewers flood, or there is a higher volume of water than normal, rats tend to move above ground, and the Hereford council has been receiving queries from residents who hadn’t previously had rats inside their houses.

Hurley bought the country mansion two years ago with her former beau Shane Warne. (ANI)