Now, a long distance handshake that feels like the real thing

Washington, April 30: Researchers have come up with a robotic hand that can be used in long distance conference to get the same feeling of shaking a real hand.

The haptic robotic hand developed by Hideyuki Nakanishi, an associate professor of adaptive machine systems at Osaka University, along with his colleagues Kazuaki Tanaka and Yuya Wada, contains wires pulled by a servomotor, extending and contracting the fingers and thumb, Discovery News reported.

A spring inside the wire generates a constant grip force, while the fingers are covered in urethane gel while the palm has urethane sponge to replicate the feeling of a real human hand.

The researchers have revealed that the system works with two robotic hands and a video teleconferencing system, with each person grasping a haptic robotic hand, which stands in for their own arms. U

Although the robotic hand is warm to the touch, it doesn’t transmit sweat. (ANI)