Man City facing heavy fine, cut in CL squad size for breaching UEFA’s FFP rules

Sydney, Apr 30: Premier League stars Manchester City is reportedly facing a heavy fine and a reduction in the size of their Champions League squad for breaching the Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules of the UEFA.

Reports revealed that the investigatory chamber of UEFA’s Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) has found City did not comply with FFP rules given their exceptional one billion-pound spending spree under the ownership of Sheikh Mansour.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, City has been offered a punishment combining financial and sporting sanctions punishment if they agree not to fight their guilty verdict, under which they would be unable to register a full 25-man squad for the Champions League next season.

This would potentially deny the club the use of millions of pounds worth of their own talent and hurting their ability to recruit players this summer and the report mentioned that City has also been given an ultimatum to agree to a ‘settlement offer’ with the CFCB, which, if they failed to comply, would make them open to further assessment.

European football’s governing body has previously made it clear that fighting on would put a club at risk of a more severe penalty, including expulsion from the Champions League.

Paris St-Germain is the other big name to have been found guilty of breaching FFP by the CFCB’s investigatory chamber and they were also made a settlement offer including financial and sporting sanctions, the report added. (ANI)