Manisha Koirala, Ani Choying Drolma bat for an official Earth Anthem on International Earth Day

Kathmandu/Mumbai, Apr.21: As the world celebrates the Earth Day on April 22 every year, Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala has expressed the need for an Earth Anthem.

“Our planet needs an official Earth Anthem, a song that every one across the world can sing, along with one’s national anthem,” wrote Koirala in an e-mail to poet-diplomat Abhay K while commending his efforts towards getting an official anthem for the planet.

In the age of increasing concern for the preservation of our planet against global warming, which is growing at an alarming rate, an Earth Anthem would complement the efforts of global bodies which are striving in this direction.

Whenever an anthem is played or sung, it would serve as a reminder towards preserving the planet.

An Earth Anthem that eulogizes the Earth, its diversity, its beauty, could also act as common thread to link all the Earth related events such as the Earth Day, Earth Hour, World Environment Day etc. and could give people across the world a sense of unity and purpose to protect the planet.

Famous singing nun of Nepal, Ani Choying Drolma, while supporting the need for an Earth Anthem, said in Kathmandu today, “Having an Earth Anthem, a song composed for everyone across the world which can be sung along with one voice would be a very profound idea to bring the world together.”

UNESCO recently hailed the idea of an official Earth Anthem proposed by the Indian poet-diplomat Abhay K as- “a creative and inspiring thought that would contribute bringing the world together.”

Both Koirala and Drolma added their voices to the efforts being made by Abhay K in the direction of an getting an official anthem for the planet.

Manisha Koirala said, “I admire the efforts made by poet-diplomat Abhay K towards getting an official anthem for our planet.”

Ani Choying Drolma, now UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for Nepal added, “My appreciations and best wishes to Mr. Abhay Kumar for this noble endeavour.”

Earlier releasing the Earth Anthem of Abhay K. in June last year at the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, Union Minister of Information Technology Kapil Sibal had said, “It is important to have an anthem of the Earth that allows us, persuades us, cajoles us to identify with the planet.”

On the same occasion, Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human Resource Development, had emphasized the need for an Earth anthem – “to pay tribute to our planet, to remind ourselves of our responsibilities as global citizens, and in conjunction with the many other anthems we sing to remember that we have a supra-national loyalty alongside the claims of our nation, our state, or our favourite football team.”

It’s time that UN General Assembly adopts a resolution without reference to a Main Committee to adopt an official Earth Anthem as has been done to declare April 22 as the International Mother Earth Day at its 80th Plenary Session in May 2009.

Based on this resolution process could be initiated to select an official Earth Anthem through a global competition or by commissioning it from an internationally acclaimed music composer. (ANI)