Media should become stronger and criticise more for nation’s benefit, says Modi(ANI Exclusive Interview)

Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Apr.16: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi said Wednesday that he would like to see the media becoming stronger and being in a position to criticise, as it was good for democracy, and for the nation as a whole.

Responding to a question put forward by Smita Prakash, Editor (News) Asian News International (ANI), on some of his supporters alleging that the media has been defaming him, Modi said: “I view it differently. I respect the media very much, and in a democracy, it is the job of the media to criticize. If it does not happen, then, it will be very costly for the country.”

“Therefore, I pray that the media should become even stronger and should criticise more, as it will benefit the country. But the problem is not the media, it is the news traders which are the problem today. Media and news traders are two different things. News traders have vested interests. They have sponsors. The country has to be made aware about the real media and news traders,” he added.

“Improvement cannot be done without criticism. It is impossible. Does Modi not have any shortcomings or faults? Does he not have negatives? Who will tell that? The media should point that out,” he said.

Modi also said that he was not in the business of settling scores with rival politicians or political parties. He said his track record of the last 14 years in Gujarat proves this.

“People have not chosen me for score settling or, to do some wrong to a particular leader. The priority of the government is ensure the maximum welfare of the people. If we indulge in political score settling, then we will never be able to do any good work for the people. There is no negativity inside me. I keep working like a crazy person for positive work,” he added. (ANI) By Smita Prakash