WHO meeting concludes Pak to be last place where polio will exist

Islamabad, Apr 26: A brief of a WHO meeting released recently has reportedly concluded that Pakistan would be the last place where polio will exist.

The brief was released post a meeting of the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) that was held in the first week of this month in the World Health Organisation’s headquarters at Geneva.

The meeting concluded that Pakistan, which currently stands at the top in the last three polio endemic countries in the world for housing big wild poliovirus (WPV) reservoirs, will be the last place on earth in which polio exists, Dawn News reports.

An official quoted the report as saying the current situation in Pakistan is a powder keg that could ignite widespread polio transmission.

The report added that if the current trend continues, Pakistan will be the last place on earth in which polio exists.

The SAGE meeting was held in wake of the resurgence of polio cases in the polio-endemic countries, including Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan, the report adds. (ANI)