Modi alleges Congress never let Ambedkar’s vision become reality due to family politics

Lakhimpur Kheri, (Uttar Pradesh), Apr. 14: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday said that the Congress never let Dr. BR Ambedker’s vision become a reality due to family politics.

“Babasaheb Ambedkar gave us so much but due to your family politics (Sonia Gandhi) you never let what he envisioned become a reality. He got the Bharat Ratna only when a BJP backed government came to power in Delhi, years after his death,” Modi said.

“Three people from one family got Bharat Ratnas so quickly, but the Congress never gave Dr. Ambedkar the Bharat Ratna. Even his portrait was not put nor allowed to put by Congress. When a non-Congress government supported by BJP came to power his portrait was put up,” he said.

He further said that the youth of the country was going in the wrong direction in border areas due to consumption of drugs and other intoxicating substances.

“Today the youth of this country is going through a lot of troubles. There is no employment,. The Congress had promised in the last elections that they will provide employment to ten crores people in the country but that never happened. They have betrayed the people,” Modi said.

“The neighboring countries are conspiring to spoil the youth of our country in the border areas be it Pakistan or Bangladesh. Fake notes, drugs are being trafficked to our country from which is spoiling the youth of the country. They need to progress. If the youth of the country goes on the wrong road nobody would be able to save the country,” he said.

He also said that the Congress had no interest in improving the conditions of the poor.

“They have no interest in improving the conditions of the poor. What kind of a government are they running? A few days back, a leader had come here with a helicopter and a bull did not let the leader get down,” he said.

“Forget people, even animals are unpleased with you (Congress). You have such a big government and are such a big leader and are not able to deal with a bull, how with you deal with the Gujarat tiger?” he asked.

“I came to know that over 70 percent of the people here drink unclean water. What kind of a country are they running? Sonia Gandhi you are a mother. Your children are drinking unclean water and you are living on Bisleri water,” he added. (ANI)