Modi attacks his opponents for politicising Vikram Batra

Gandhinagar, Apr. 29: Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi attacked his opponents for politicising the issue of his remembering martyr Vikram Batra.

Responding to the criticism leveled against him, Modi said here : “Today I went to Himachal Pradesh and where I remembered martyr Vikram Batra with a lot of respect,but political opponents gave a very different picture to it, I am deeply pained with this. He has died for the sake of protecting this country, how can that become a crime. Atal Behari Vajpayee had honoured him with Paramveer chakra.”

Modi asked “What kind of political fever is this that it does not allow you to remember the martyrs of our country? Modi said that he Would rather quit politics than insult our martyrs and their parents.”

Modi also remembered those soildiers who died in a gun-battle in Shopian,”Tomorrow there will be the seventh phase of this nine phase election, just two days back we lost two of our brave soldiers in a gunbattle with the militants. It is they who are protecting our democracy giving up their lives. Martyrs never die.”

Without naming Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra he attacked the Congress on corruption and aiding those who were close to power to make fortunes.

“those people who are in the corridors of power have ruled for most of the last sixty years. Sometimes for themselves and for their kins they have stopped low. They have their so called devotees who also reaped a lot during their tenure. Through their their sheer friendship and of position being in close to powers of corridor, such vested interested groups have become powerful. They have now understood that after May 16 all these will end. Thats why from the Congress, their allies and the vested interest group they have launched an attack. They were not ready to listen to the truth,” Modi said while addressing his 3D rally.

He also snubbed Congress for trying to malign his image and left no stones unturned.

“They have misused their power to stop my voice. I am surprised that during my chief minsitership they could not put a blot on me. In every court they levelled false charges against me through PIL from Congress’ friends. They had stooped so low.

Were they sleeping for the last ten years? Just for the sake of taking political benefit the entire Congress is restless as it has lost the game and the people will not forgive them. They will punish you and are determined to do so,” Modi added.

He attacked Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for insulting the Supreme Court and for not taking action on black money.

“Their strategies have all proved they have accepted defeat. Instead of talking based on issues. Those who were in power for the last ten years should they tell what they have done and be accountable. This mother-son duo which run the government for the last ten years had insulted the court even after Supreme Court’s strictures on taking action on black money.” Modi also added.

He attacked the Congress for not having any iota of shame of their wrongdoing.

“They understand all the wrong that they have done inspite of that they have no shame and thats a serious concern. They think

this country as their personal property and take people for granted. Hence, they are not bothered and they have become arrogant. Even if they had any shortcoming they were not even ready to discuss bowing their head,” Modi said.

He attacked the UPA for not fulfilling the promise of taming the price rise and on corruption and equated with Vajpayee’s regime in contrast.

“They had promised to bring down price rise within 100 days coming to power but they didnot do it. If I ask this question to the Congress is it an insult to the mother-son duo government. Isn’t it my responsibilty to see that the poor gets two square meals. They are not ready to say anything why they failed on these issues. Therefore, countrymen, you must tell me hasnot this country got destroyed because of this ill-effects of corruption. Hasn’t this took a toll on the poor and taken away the belief on the system. We used to feel proud when we had Atal Behari Vajpayee government. There was talk among powerful countries which hoped that India was on right track and they were confident of India’s standing. But in the first decade of the 21st century the have destroyed the dreams of two generations. I understand the pain of the youth and thats why I want to the course of the youth’s destiny. It is you who had promised of ten crores of jobs which you could not fulfill. Where will the youths go? The youths will never forgive you,” Modi added.

Modi said that this government cannot provide any inspiration to the people as it belives in holding on to power.

“This government can’t do anything, it cannot give any inspiration. The biggest misfortune is that there is no leader, no policy, on whom will the countrymen live for? It could be seen how people faces trouble in Kedarnath When tragedy strikes, and te government was incompetent to tackle it. That’s why is that it is time we must save this country.

Isn’t the Congress answerable for price rise and corruption ? Not contesting to be in power. Want to curb corruption which is why making effort to be Prime Minister. He said that the Congress belives to save their chair as they are after power while he believes in bringing smile on the face of the people,” Modi said.

He said uptill now wherever elections have been held the people have ensured that the mother-son duo government was booted out of power.

“Till now where elections have taken place they have ensured that mother-son duo government is gone. They have also laid the foundation for a new government. Now those who are yet to vote must ensure that they elect a strong government. Strong government is the one which listens to the youth and fulfills their dreams. So that those who kill innocent citizens makes their lives difficult. It should be a voice the people,” Modi added.

He took a dig on Rahul for tearing apart legislations and termed CBI not being a parrot of Sonia-Rahul Gandhi, “Today there is only one family which is running the government. A leader who comes and tears apart legislation infront of all of you cannot run such a government. CBI is called a parrof the mother-son duo. All the instituions of the state must be strengthened.” (ANI)