Modi attacks UPA for not looking after farmers plight

Koppal (Karnataka), Apr.8: The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate at a rally in Koppal on Tuesday held the United Progressive Alliance responsible for the difficult conditions which the farmers face.

Modi said the the farmers faced a miserable plight and condition of defense personnel on the borders was horrible. He chided the Congress for changing the slogan of Lal Bahadur Shashtri “Jai Jawan Jai Kisaan” to “Mar Jawan Mar Kisaan”. He said that the Supreme Court in a ruling had asked the government to distribute the excess vegetables but it still did not heed to court ruling. Those vegetables became rotten at the end . Isn’t this an insult to the poor? What it did was to sell those rotten vegetables to those companies who make liquor, hence this government has no right to stay or rule for a single minute.

Modi also brought to the notice of the people about how the Congress party was merely giving lip service about curbing corruption as it was doing nothing in real. He said how the government’s apathy towards the pink granite found in the region leads to unemployment in the region. Modi talked about how easy it was to export the pink granite.

Directing his attack on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi he thundered saying that he talks about RTI, he asked the people what has RTI given to them. He told the gathering that the Congress government was involved in stealing coal which not even the poorest of the poor will do such a thing.

Modi also brought to light about the misuse of funds under the populist scheme like NREGA and rampant unemployment amongst the youth. He told the crowd that the government that is against the development of the agriculture and upliftment of youth has no right to stay in power.

Modi concluded his speech by seeking votes in favor of the BJP during the upcoming Lok Sabha elections to form a strong government at the center which will ensure that India develops. Hence we need a strong government at the centre which can take on the world, who continues to keep India under its knees at the moment. He asked the people to help BJP win in at least 300 seats so that he could fulfill all their desires and therefore asked them to elect all the BJP aspirants from Karnataka. (ANI)