Modi claims Sharad Pawar left field before fighting as he was aware of BJP wave in country

Jalgaon, (Maharashtra), Apr. 20: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday said Minister of Agriculture Sharad Pawar was a clever politician because he stepped back from contesting six months back as he had already realized that there was a BJP wave in the country.

“I know why people call Sharad Pawar a clever politician. Whenever people talk about him they call him shrewd and clever. I understand why. He got to know six months back that the wave was in whose favour and that is why he stepped back from contesting the elections,” said Modi, while addressing a rally in Jalgaon.

“He got to know that he was going to lose so left the field before the start of the fight. This is the state of Congress. All the big leaders of their party have stepped back from contesting,” he said.

“I have to ask the agriculture of the country why is the farmer who grows cotton here has to go to Gujarat to sell the cotton. The amount of money they get is Maharashtra for this cotton is over two times less than what they get in Gujarat,” he added. (ANI)