Modi has created a craze throughout the nation to grab prime minister’s chair, says Sonia

Islampur (West Bengal), Apr. 22: Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, on Tuesday, stated that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi, has created a crazy situation throughout the country in order to grab the prime ministers chair.

“In order to grab the prime minister’s chair he has created a crazy situation around the nation. It seems as if he has no belief on our socio-constitutional apparatus. Therefore, it makes us to think whether the country will be safe in the hands of such a person who dreams like this. Congress has always sacrificed for the unity of this country,” Sonia Gandhi said at a rally in Islampur.

The Congress president said that there should no place for indulging in ‘ politics’ when it comes to economic development.. She attacked the erstwhile Left-Front government and the current TMC government in power in West Bengal for not giving any land for building an AIIMS like hospital here.

“Under the leadership of Dr. Manmohan Singh whatever work has been done is an open book for all of you to see. In order to bring changes in the lives of our sisters we have initiated several welfare programmes. What makes us feel bad is that when the state government indulges in politics while deciding developmental works. There should be no politics when decisions are taken on development. Till now either the Left-Front or the Trinamool Congress government has not allocated us land to create an AIIMS like hospital,” Sonia said.

Sonia attacked the Mamata-led TMC government, for aiding the chit-fund scamsters and ruining the hard earned money of 18 lakhs of people

“It is because of the state government’s aid, that chit-fund scams have destroyed lives of more than 18 lakhs of people,” She said.

She charged both the previous and the current regime in West Bengal for not implementing the MGNREGA scheme properly which could have changed the lives of the people for the better.

“We had given MGNREGA, so that people could get 100 days of jobs but both the previous left and the current TMC government has ignored development works. If the state government had implemented the MGNREGA properly people here would not have had to go elsewhere in search of work,” Sonia added.

The Congress president gave credit to her- husband and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi for being a visionary.

“In order to ensure participation of greater number of people in the system it was Rajiv Gandhi who lowered the age to cast votes to 18 years. He was the one who gave reservation to women for the first time. It was because of his vision that people now have access to computers and mobile telephones,” Sonia said.

She listed the developmental works which the Congress has done all these years.

“It was the Congress that ensured that every village gets access to clean drinking water and electricity and roads. In order to stop domestic violence against women it is the Congress which has brought law against that. We have ensured that children from 8 to 14 years gets access to education and hence Right to Education has been brought,” Sonia remarked.

The Congress chief also indicated the development programmes that the government would undertake if UPA is elected to power at the centre.

“There is a lot of work left to be done to help the poor people progress. We have ensured that in our manifesto we are going to give Right to Health; at the same time we will give Right to Shelter; there is also a pension scheme for the handicapped, senior citizens and other needy people. We have mentioned in our manifesto that we intend to increase women police stations from 500 to 2000. Also we plan to ensure that atleast 25 percent of women are inducted in the police stations,” Sonia Gandhi added. . (ANI)