Modi slams Congress during a rally in Kanpur

Kanpur, (Uttar Pradesh), Apr. 18: Bharatiya Janata Party prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi launched another attack on the Congress on Friday quoting a television report that stated the involvement of incumbent ministers of Congress cabinet in an illegal meat export scam.

While addressing an election rally in Kanpur, Modi raked up the issue of meat export companies where raids have been conducted by income tax department. He said according to television report a company has been running illegal businesses under the cover of meat export which has Congress ministers involved.

“Four ministers in the federal government have been involved in the illegal meat export with a private company. And a great accusation has been placed by a TV channel that a leader residing near 10 Janpath (residence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi) has been involved in illegal meat export business,” said Modi.

He also added that according to TV report, Income Tax department holds various proof against the company owner.

Modi also slammed Congress’s reluctance to answer people for failures and many other scams under its rule.

“Congress’ ego is on cloud nine. They do not feel that it is their responsibility to answer the people of the nation. They have spread the stain of coal to Kanpur,” he added. (ANI)