Modi says Sonia only interested in establishing Rahul Gandhi’s career

Shivpuri, (Madhya Pradesh), Apr. 5: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi indirectly said on Saturday that Congress President Sonia Gandhi was only interested in establishing her son Rahul Gandhi’s political career.

Addressing a public rally in ce Shivpuri, he alleged the government was geared up to achieve the objective.

“She has only one point agenda and that is to establish her son even if country is ruined. She has put the Indian government at stake to save political career of her son,” he said.

The BJP PM nominee also urged people to vote of strong and decisive government to check intrusion of neighbouring countries into India’s territories.

“The neighbours wouldn’t dare to browbeat us, if our country has a strong government. We want a strong government not to browbeat others but to look into other’s eyes,” he added.

He also alleged that Congress party-led central government discriminated BJP led-Madhya Pradesh government and Congress-led Maharashtra government while providing relief package in wake of hail storm that destroy million hectares of crops.

“Farmers of Madhya Pradesh suffered more than Maharashtra. Why this discrimination? You gave immediate monetary help to Maharashtra because it has Congress government while Shivraj had to wipe off farmers tears by paying them from state coffers,” he added. (ANI)