Modi takes potshots on Rahul at Jhansi, criticizes gun-culture

Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh), Apr. 27: Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi on Sunday said that the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s speeches which are filled with lies could entertain the people so much so that it could give a serious run for money to a television show hosted by stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma.

“I had said Gujarat’s white revolution because of which several parts of India gets milk sourced from Gujarat. He (Rahul Gandhi) said that out of one child, every two children are malnourished which is so ridiculous that one could even find this speech of his available on youtube. I think there will be a situation where Kapil Sharma’ show will take a beating, as if the television shows Rahul’s goof ups then you will get all the entertainment,” Modi said.

“While I was coming out from the house, I saw Rahul’s speech on television. I laughed at his comments so much that it left my stomach aching. These days mother-son duo is showering a lot of love on Gujarat. Mother says one lies in one place, her son goes somewhere else and spreads lies. Rahul said that there was no Lokayukta in Gujarat, and that when Lokayukta comes then the chowkidar will go to jail. Rahul Gandhi should know that there is a Lokayukta in Gujarat. The Lokayukta in its report has indicted a former chief minister of Gujarat Amarsinh Chaudhary, who belonged to the Congress of stealing tons of woods from the jungle. His son is now a minister in your government at the centre. Since, the former chief minister has died hence, we did not rake up his name. We know how to give respect,” Modi said at a rally in Jhansi.

He went on attacking Rahul for his alleged goof-ups in his speeches.

“Gujarat has a population of six crore, yesterday Rahul Gandhi said that 27000 crores of jobs remain vacant. He has even gone ahead of the population. You tell me will you hand over the country’s job in his hands?,” Modi added.

He predicted that the Congress will not be in a position to even open its account in many states and that SP, BSP and Congress were all hands- in-glove with each other.

“Till now wherever the elections have happened they have done two crucial things. They have removed the mother-son duo government at the centre and have laid the foundation of a new government. Now those who are yet to vote must ensure that a strong government is in place. There will be many states where it will not be able to open its account. It will not be in a stage to get even ten seats. SP and BSP are running on Congress’ oxygen and vice-versa. These parties fight infront of the people and then eat on the same plate,” Modi said.

Modi remarked that the place which was known for its nationalism now only sees gun-culture wherein it should have seen more employment.

“Till now when one takes the name of Rani Jhansi, people still get awed. Here there is no farm produce although there are hard-working farmers. There is a government which runs here where there are greater number of guns then people . It would have been better if youth had employment and farmers could plough the field. People are fed up with the SP and BSP’s tenure in the state,” Modi added.

He also criticized prime minister, Manmohan Singh for being blind on whats happening around him and ignoring that there was a wave which was in his (Modi) favour.

“Have you ever seen a prime minister whose ministers do not run for elections? Somebody had asked about Modi wave, in reply to that prime minister said that he doesnot see any Modi wave. The entire country knows about corruption, but he doesnot see it. He knows nothing except the mother-son duo,” Modi said.

Modi said that the Samajwadi party was now divided into four under one symbol.

“Samajwadi party has been divided into four . There is one which believes in Ram Manohar lohia’s ideals which is just confined to one photo; there is one anti-women party; again there is one which believes enjoying comfort; and there is one anti-social party — all of them are using the cycle symbol,” Modi added.

Modi stated the Election Commission need not have to be afraid of anyone and should ensure peaceful elections in places where conducting elections were a challenge.

“Uma Bharati was correct when she said that it is not a challenge for the Election Commission to conduct peaceful elections in Gujarat. It is a matter of challenge how it conducts free and fair elections where gun-culture is thriving. Even on my challenge, why is the Election Commission silent when an incident of arson took place, and people had to go on a hunger-strike when Mulayam Singh’s family were taking part in elections? EC holds more power than the prime minister and it should not remain subdued. I tell you that good days are ahead and gun culture is set to become a part of history,” Modi said.(ANI)