News traders dance on Congress’s tune: Modi

Hajipur (Bihar), Apr.30: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi jibed at what he called ‘news traders’ who according to him do not have the guts to question the working of the Congress party.

“It is time for them to give the answers, but instead they are asking me to give an account of my work. Some news traders of the country are dancing to their tune. The people of India will not forgive them. These news traders don’t have the guts to ask Congress to account for the work done by that party during their tenure of governance. Gujarat after December 2012 has given an account of every penny spent and other details and the people of the state have again for the fourth time elected us and given us the chance to serve them,” Modi said while addressing a rally.

Modi said that in order to pull India out its various problems the nation needs a strong and honest government.

“Today India is in a deep pit. To pull it out of the pit, we need a strong government in Delhi.And to build that strong government, I need 300 lotuses (election symbol of BJP)from the whole of India. I need Hut (election symbol of regional Lok Janshakti Party) from Bihar and Fans (election symbol of regional Rashtriya Lok Samata Party) from Bihar, and the account of Congress should not be allowed to open,” Modi added.

He reiterated that God saved him from the blast that happened at the venue of his rally in Patna on Oct er 27 last year.

“Today, I don’t see these elections as an effort for capturing power from others or defeating others. It is an election of hope. It is an election of new confidence. It is an election of new trust,” he said. (ANI)