Obama says NBA would be ‘deeply concerned’ over Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks

Washington, Apr. 28: The US President Barrack Obama has said that he suspects that NBA would be deeply concerned in resolving Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks, as the United States continue to wrestle with a legacy of race, slavery and segregation.

Obama said that he is confident that the NBA commissioner Adam Silver, who is a good man, will address the matter regarding Sterling’s alleged racist remarks, as the Clippers owner has been caught on a 9-minute recording telling his girlfriend not to bring ‘black’ people to his NBA games including former hoops star Magic Johnson.

The US President said that NBA is a league that is beloved by basketball fans all across the country and it has got an awful lot of African-American players and is steeped in African-American culture, Deadline.com reported.

Meanwhile Sterling’s team reportedly staged a silent protest against the alleged racist comments made by the Clippers’ owner before Game 4 of their play-offs run on Sunday.

The Clippers protested by wearing their red warm-up shirts inside out to hide the team logo ahead of their 118-97 loss to the Golden State Warriors.

Also, retired superstar Magic Johnson has called for Silver to do his ‘due diligence’ and come down hard on Sterling, who should not own a team anymore, Deadline.com reported.

Former NBA superstar and current Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan said that as an owner, he is obviously disgusted that a fellow team owner could hold such ‘sickening’ and ‘offensive’ views, adding that he is confident that Silver would make a full investigation and take appropriate action quickly.

The NBA has promised to launch an investigation into the matter after Sterling had been identified on a 9-minute recording posted by TMZ of telling his girlfriend V. Stiviano that she should not bring black people to his NBA games including former hoops star Johnson, the report added. (ANI)