Pak govt. concerned over TTP demand for release of non-combatant prisoners

Islamabad, Apr 5: Pakistan’s TTP mediators have reportedly made a new informal demand seeking the release of its non-combatant prisoners, raising concerns about the outfit’s seriousness in seeing the peace talk to its reasonable end.

Talking to the media, Professor Ibrahim, a member of TTP mediators’ team said that the government should release non-combatant prisoners of the Taliban as a confidence-building measure.

He also said that the government should also free those TTP militants who were cleared by certain institutions.

An unnamed senior government member said that Ibrahim’s spelling out the informal demand of TTP for the release of their militant prisoners at a time when the government was working on releasing the non-combatant detainees had raised concerns, the Nation reported.

He said that it is not a measured statement by a senior member of TTP mediators’ team when the talks are already moving at a slow pace.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’s civil and military leadership rejected Taliban demand for a ‘demilitarised peace zone’.

However, it ‘cautiously’ conceded to their demand of releasing some non-combatant prisoners as a good will gesture, the report added. (ANI)