Two Pakistani militants killed in Soura, Srinagar

Srinagar, Apr.14: Security forces gunned down two Pakistani militants in Kashmir during a prolonged gun battle, said a senior police officer on Monday.

The militants were hiding in a house in Soura area of Srinagar and opened fire at the forces, wounding two of them.

Inspector General of Police, Abdul Gani Mir, said both of them belonged to Pakistan-based Lashkar- e-Taiba and were active in the province for the last four years.

“We have eliminated both the militants and two militants belonged to the Lashkar (e Taiba). They have been active in our state for the last three to four years,” said Mir.

“They have been identified as foreigners; both of them were Pakistani,” he added.

Mir said militants were hiding in a house and had taken the occupants hostage.

“They had taken husband and wife hostage and they even beat them in the night when they tried to get out. In the morning, we rescued the hostages. That was the first thing we had to do and it took longer time because of that. We have got two injured constables – one is head constable and other a constable. They have been admitted, they are stable and they are out of danger,” he added.

The city wore a deserted look as the entire area has been cordoned off by the forces. (ANI)