Will pass women-reservation bill on priority if Congress wins, says Rahul

Almora/Kashipur(uttarakhand), Apr. 29: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in his separate rallies in Uttarakhand stated that if his party wins the election then he will ensure that the women-reservation bill was passed and that will be his first priority.

“Now I want to discuss about women, We will ensure that if we come to power we will ensure that 33 percent reservation bill will be passed, so that they get represented in State Assemblies and in the Parliament. It is the BJP which did not allow us to pass women reservation bill. Secondly we will open 2000 women police stations and ensure 25 percent represenation of women in the police. Your demand for 12 gas cylinders has been accepted up from nine,” Rahul Gandhi said at a rally in Almora.

The Congress vice-president also ridiculed the BJP for mentioning in its manifesto one-rank-one -pay for the Army, which he said that the UPA has already fulfilled.

“A lot of people from Uttarakhand are in the Army and had demanded for one-rank-one-pension to get the due dignity after listening to the plight of the Army I went to the prime minister and then in a meeting with senior ministers and the Congress president included and myself included a decision was taken to bring one-rank-one-pension in three days. This has been done three months ago and the BJP has now brought it in their manifesto, hence, I want to tell them that this work is done already,” Rahul said.

He also mentioned about ameliorating the plight of those people who had to face difficulties when the flashfloods took place last year due to torrential downpour that killed scores and ruined their lives.

“Some months ago you had faced a lot of hardships, we came to your assistance and the central government allocated seven thousand crores- (following the damage caused due to the havoc floods). Those who lost their lives I have asked the chief minister to assist them,” Rahul added.

He stated that the BJP led NDA had forgotten the issue of farmers during its time of power,”During the NDA regime which believed in India Shining campaign had forgotten about the farmers, we waived 70 thousand crores of farm loan.”

At a separate rally in Uttarakhand’s Kashipur he snubbed BJP’s prime ministrial candidate Modi for taking contradictory position while eulogising former RSS chief MS Golwalkar who opposed women franchsie and erecting Sardar Patel’s statue as he said both cannot go hand in hand.

“In RSS organisation you will never see a single woman. Women who believe in RSS must listen what Golwalkar had said about women of India. He had said that India made a historic blunder by giving women the right to exercise their franchise. In Delhi you will find there are posters where they talk about giving protection to women where you can see Modi’s picture. He (Modi) has worked for his entire life for RSS and never read about Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and he talks about erecting a statue. Remember Sardar Patel had said RSS was a poisonous organisation. One one side he talks about erecting a statue of Patel and then he has regards for Golwalkar,” Rahul remarked.

He said that the UPA’s growth indicators showed that it worked more than the NDA.

“We have ensured that every poor in this nation gets vegetables in just rupee one with Food Security Bill and we do not see any religion colour. Similarly we brought MGNREGA so that people get employment. We have accelerated better economic development. We generated twice as much of electricty than what they did,” Rahul added.

He also recounted with statistics how more number of innocent lives were lost due to terror strikes as compared to UPA.

“Twenty two thousand of people died in terrorist attacks during NDA’s five year regime. It was they who negotiated with the terrorists and freed them in Kandahar by escorting them which resulted in Parliament attacks. In UPA’s five year tenure only 800 people died. There were two reasons, they bowed before the terrorists , secondly they adopted politics of hatred while we adopted politics of love,” Rahul thundered.

He asked as to why the militancy in Kashmir came down.

“Kashmir’s chief minister told me that tourist flights from various parts of India are coming to Kashmir tell me what is the reason behind that the militancy declined in Jammu and Kashmir? Rahul asked.

Rahul said: “It is because we believe in carrying everyone together.”

He said that his family is indebted to Uttarkhand as he and his father had taken education in Dehradun

He again added that this election was a fight between two ideologies.

“This is a fight between two ideologies. Congress doesn’t differentiate between any caste, creed, race, colour or religion. We do not want a governement for a select few, while the opposition wants the labourers, farmers, small businessman and that the profit is accumulated by two -three big industrialists,” Rahul said. (ANI)