Police personnel cast vote through postal ballot in Gujarat

Jamnagar (Gujarat), Apr. 19: Police personnel and home guards queued up at a special camp in Gujarat on Saturday to cast their vote through postal ballot prior to the actual polling day.

A special camp was organised in Jamnagar district for all police personnel in the state who will be on election duty on April 30.

District Magistrate, Navin Kumar Upadhyay, said around 2,000 security personnel will exercise their constitutional right.

“Voting for the parliamentary constituency will take place on April 30 and prior to this a facilitation camp has been organised for all the police personnel who will be on election duty. All police personnel and home guards of Jamnagar district will exercise their franchise and cast their vote through postal ballot,” said Upadhyay.

A home guard, G.L. Sarvaya, urged all the citizens to cast their vote and participate in the democratic process.

“All the home guards will cast their vote before the election day as they will be on their duty on the actual voting day. Therefore, I would like to appeal everyone to perform their duty as we have done,” he said. (ANI)