Pro-Russian protestors snub Geneva dialogue on Ukraine

London, April 18: Pro-Russian protestors in eastern Ukraine have refused to leave the government buildings they seized last week and threatened to launch a new international deal on Kiev, a media report said Friday.

Alexander Gnezdilov, spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, said his group would evacuate the government buildings only when the illegal Ukraine government steps down from parliament and the presidential administration, BBC reported.

Earlier this week, Kiev started military operations against the pro-Russian militants.

Another protest leader in Donetsk said they would not leave unless pro-European demonstrators in Kiev’s Maidan Square packed up first.

Pro-Russian protestors in eastern Ukraine continue to occupy official buildings in at least nine cities and towns, and majority of them are armed.

Ukrainian paratroopers Friday opened fire to remove a protestors’ roadblock in Serhiyivka, a region in the eastern town of Donetsk.

The European Union (EU), Russia, the US and Ukraine Thursday began talks in Geneva to discuss the ongoing crisis in the former Soviet republic.

All the sides agreed during the talks that armed protestors in Ukraine must be dissolved, disarmed and asked to leave the government buildings at once.

The leaders also agreed on granting amnesty to all anti-government protestors.

Russia denies fomenting separatism in eastern and southern Ukraine.