Qatar reduces number of stadiums for 2022 FIFA World Cup due to rising costs

Manama, Apr 22: The organising committee of the 2022 Qatar World Cup has reportedly reduced the number of stadiums it is planning to build for the tournament due to rising costs and delays.

Although the country originally announced plans for 12 stadiums, including nine new playing fields and three refurbishments, it is now planning to build eight stadiums for the event at a cost of four billion dollars, as confirmed by the organising committee.

According to Gulf News, Qatar is planning to spend more than 200 billion dollars on new infrastructure before hosting the sporting event, including 34 billion dollars on a rail and metro system, seven billion dollars on a port and 17 billion dollars on an airport.

An expert said that Qatar’s decision was motivated by cost-cutting following an assessment of the real needs on the ground, adding that it is in good sense to do necessary cost-cutting and reviews of capex for such huge projects that are front loaded.

The Gulf nation is facing delays and escalating costs related to the event, with work starting later than planned on the metro system and the opening of the new airport being six years behind schedule, the report added. (ANI)