Rahul Gandhi accuses TDP, BJP of creating obstructions in passage of Telangana bill

Mehboobnagar, (Andhra Pradesh): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Monday said that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had created a lot of obstructions in passage of Telangana Bill.

“TDP had obstructed the formation of Telangana. Even the BJP did the same in Parliament. When the Telangana bill came, TRS was nowhere to be seen. TRS was formed in 2001, and in 2000, over 40 Congress leaders had passed a resolution for creation of Telangana,” said Gandhi.

“Even the TRS does make promises, but never fulfills them. They had promised us as well, that they would join hands with our party. They had said that the CM of Telangana would be a Dalit, but it seems they have forgotten all of that,” he said.

“Whatever promises they will make to you in future, they will forget that too. They just want one thing and that is power, but the Congress wants justice for Telangana and the country,” he added.

He further said that the Congress would fulfill the dreams of both Telangana and Seemandhra if it came to power.

“Two states are going to be carved out of one state and both the states have their own dreams and the Congress will help them to fulfill their dreams. We had promised you Telangana. We have made a few promises for Seemandhra and we will do what all we have said,” Gandhi said.

“We do not propagate politics of hate and violence. In Telangana there should be place for all the scheduled castes and women and every religion will be respected. BJP wants to provoke fight between Hindu and Muslims. For many years Telangana has been working in peace and brotherhood, and if you want to create a great state you have to walk on the same path,” he said.

“But if you want to create a state you need a government that has a farfetched vision and perspective. The Congress knows how to run a state, a country a government and bring progress. If you make the Congress come to power here we will work a lot for the development of this state,” he added. (ANI)