Red Bull design chief questions F1′s new rules’ merits

London, Apr. 05: Red Bull design chief Adrian Newey has reportedly slammed Formula One’s new rules and said that their merit is ‘questionable’.

Newey said that proper thought was not given to the introduction of the new turbo hybrid engines and fuel limits in Formula One this season adding that the sport should have spent more time to consider if it had gone in the right direction.

Newey reportedly denied that he was making his remarks as a result of four-time world champions Red Bull’s drop in competitiveness this year and said that he would have said the same thing before the rules came in, but he was not asked, the BBC reports.

Newey said that he likes lightweight and efficiency, but the new regulations have created cars that are exceptionally complicated and quite a lot heavier.

However, Williams chief technical officer Pat Symonds said that he does not agree to Newey’s words, as the power-units are relevant to the future of the automotive industry, the report added. (ANI)