Religious leaders sing contradictory tunes over Cobrapost sting operation

Lucknow/Jaipur, Apr.4: The apparent sting operation conducted by Cobrapost on the pulling down of the 16th century structure has led to an outpour of religious leaders commenting on this matter, while the Convenor of the Babri Masjid Action Committee Zafaryab Jilani, has termed as a corroborative evidence that nails BJP and its sister concerns. At the same time Acharya Dharmendra takes a completely different stand calling that incident as a spontaneous act without any influence of anyone.

“We have been saying this that the Babri demolition on december 6, 1992 was made as a result of some conspiracy and this has been found to be correct by the Liberhan Commission. So, this is another corroborative evidence of that statement of ours. But somehow charges of conspiracy against these persons which were launched in Rae Bareli court were erased by the NDA government. We have been demanding the Congress government that charges of conspiracy should be reframed in the RaeBareli Court including BJP leaders like Advani and Joshi which will help us. We demand that CBI should do this. This sting operation will help us to prosecute those who were involved in the conspiracy,” Jilani said.

On being asked if BJP and Congress could be held equally responsible, Zafaryab Jilani stated, “As a party I can say that the BJP was involved as all the office bearers were involved but the same can’t be said about the Congress. I do not want to blame the entire Congress party although the prime minister at that time Narsimha Rao and another cabinet minister was involved, about the other office bearers and other members of the party if they were at all involved or not I cannot say this with certainity. This will affect those people who are called fence sitters who may be making plans to switch over to the BJP. Hence, this sting operation will have some effect on those people and they may reconsider their decision on joining BJP.”

On the other hand Acharya Dharmendra refuted all such allegations in one stroke calling it as a part of vested interests to rake up such skeletons of the past before the elections just to keep this issue alive and burning.

“Masjid is a place where Namaz is being read. Namaz was not being read there since 10 years. I have been associated with that movement very closely. I am a witness of Ram Janmbhoomi movement. It is true that nobody was even listening to Ashok Singhal. The people took the command in their own hands. There was no planning or training, it was a spirited act which came on its own from the people itself. Archaeologists have also found out there is evidence of a huge temple underground. Moreover, Lord Ram was born there and hence it is justified that his temple should be built there. Wherever there are religious places, temples have been replaced by other structures during the reigns of Tughlak, Tartars and Mongols,” Acharya Dharmendra said.

An elaborate sting operation, conducted by Cobrapost on 23 key people of the Ram Janambhoomi movement, claims that the fall of the disputed 16th century structure on December 6, 1992, was elaborately planned by the various wings of the Sangh Parivar and executed with precision by trained volunteers.

It wasn’t, as has been claimed, a case of mob frenzy going out of control, leading to the collapse of the Babri Masjid. (ANI)