Saudis engage in online debate over marriage sans parental consent

Dubai, April 1: The legal case of a Saudi father, who was deported from Canada after he reacted violently to his daughter’s decision of marrying a Canadian man, has reportedly triggered a heated online debate among the people of Saudi Arabia.

The debate highlights a divide over marriages without parental consent.

According to Gulf News, the Saudi father, 56, was sentenced in St. John’s last week to six days’ time served and a year’s probation after he had pleaded guilty to assaulting his 30-year-old daughter and threatening to kill her.

The judge also ordered the father to leave the country and also barred him from communicating with his daughter or her husband both directly and indirectly.

After the issue was out in the open, Saudis took to the Internet to voice there personal opinions, triggering an open debate. (ANI)