Sibal says will prosecute AAP’s Ashutosh, terms money offering allegations as baseless

New Delhi, Apr.9: Union Minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday rubbished money offering allegations leveled against him by Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Ashutosh and threatened to file a defamation case and also to prosecute him.

“He should file an FIR and must give evidence. Not only that, I will file a defamation case against him, and also prosecute him. When the support of the people goes away from someone, then people make such comments. I would advise him that since he is new to politics, he must be careful while making such allegations. The people and my lawyers all know about me. We will send him a notice very soon,” Sibal said.

“He (Ashutosh) doesn’t understand that merely out of fear of losing one’s constituents, one cannot make any allegations. He is a novice in politics and I expect that he learns and respects the norms that must be followed when one is fighting elections. They make all kinds of allegations without proof. They think that because they have made an allegation, that is proof enough, which is unfortunate. That’s why people are moving away. Someday, they say that they are not with the BJP, and then, they say if they have to choose between the BJP and the Congress, they say they will support the BJP. So, it is a political party which is rudderless. All I can do is feel a bit of pity for Ashutosh,” Sibal added.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) candidate from Chandni Chowk Ashutosh had earlier alleged distribution of money in his constituency by his opponent and Congress candidate Kapil Sibal.

He demanded that Sibal’s nomination be cancelled.

“Cadre-based leader like Kapil Sibal distributing money means he is fearing a loss,” Ashutosh said.

“I also appeal to Sonia Gandhi and Congress to take note of Sibal distributing money, and he should be expelled,” he added. (ANI)