Southwest China mine flood triggered by blast

Beijing, April 8: Preliminary investigation shows that a coal mine flood that trapped 22 miners underground in southwest China’s Yunnan province Monday was caused by blasting operations, an official said.

The accident at the Xiahaizi mine in Qilin district of Qujing City occurred due to the impact of a blast on the goaf — that part of a mine from which the mineral has been partially or wholly removed, Xinhua Tuesday reported citing Fan Huaping, mayor of Qujing as saying.

The blast caused water lying in the goaf to spill into parts of the mine.

The flooding hit the mine at about 4.50 a.m. Monday, when 26 workers were working underground.

Four workers were rescued Monday morning but 22 still remained trapped. Rescue operation were continuing.

Three high-power pumps and more than 500 people have been sent to aid the rescue efforts.