Spanish version of women’s safety app launched in Latin America

Bogota, April 9: The Spanish version of a novel mobile application for women’s safety, designed by two Indians, was launched in Colombia Wednesday.

The application called “SafetiPin”, a map-based mobile application, designed by entrepreneur Ashish Basu and activist-researcher Kalpana Viswanath, was launched in the country’s capital Bogota.

Martha Sanchez, Bogota’s secretary for women’s affairs, said that through the application users can “record in real time the sites they perceive as unsafe, or disclose situations of harassment, abuse and threats against them”.

Speaking on the occasion, Kalpana Viswanath, co-founder of Safetipin said: “We are delighted that the city of Bogota selected ‘SafetiPin’ as their safety app and will be using ‘Safetipin’ safety audits to improve safety in the city.”

“This is the first time a social app developed in India is being launched in a Latin American country. We expect many more countries to deploy SafetiPin to promote community involvement in safety,” Ashish Basu, co-founder of the application, said in a statement.

SafetiPin is a complete mobile and online safety application that records and provides information to improve safety for individuals and communities.