Superseded navy officer’s retirement request accepted

New Delhi, April 21: India’s defence ministry Monday accepted the request by Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha, superseded for the navy chief’s post, for voluntary retirement, sources said.

Sinha, who was heading the Western Naval Command, put in his papers after Vice Admiral Robin Dhowan was made navy chief April 17, despite being his junior in the service.

Dhowan succeeds Admiral D.K. Joshi, who resigned in February following a string of accidents.

According to sources, Sinha could not be made navy chief as most of the accidents took place in the western command of the navy, which he was heading.

Joshi had resigned following a fire in submarine INS Sindhuratna, which left two sailors dead. Last year, INS Sindhurakshak had an explosion after which it sank killing 18 crew members. Both accidents took place under the Western Naval Command.

Sinha joined the Navy in June 1974 while Dhowan joined in January 1975.

Sinha was to retire in August this year.