Syria almost completes surrendering chemical weapons stockpile: OPCW

Johannesburg, Apr. 25: Syria has nearly completely surrendered its chemical weapons stockpile, a joint task force in charge of the operation has said.

The comments from Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) came as the UN Security Council members called for a fresh probe into alleged gas attacks.

The OPCW said nearly 92.5 percent of Syria’s chemical material have been removed and destroyed.

According to news24, the weapons are due to be destroyed by 30 June.

The consignment of chemicals were delivered to the main Syrian port of Latakia, from where it will be removed by cargo ships for delivery to the US Navy vessel Cape Ray for destruction.

The OPCW-UN statement said that Syrian authorities also ‘destroyed buildings, equipment and empty mustard gas containers,’ adding that a majority of [storage and productions] sites were now closed.

Meanwhile, in New York, Security Council members called for new claims of a chlorine gas attack in a rebel bastion in Syria to be probed. (ANI)