Syria ‘still holds 7.5 pc of chemical weapons’: OPCW head

London, Apr. 28: Syria still holds about 7.5 percent of its 1,300-tonne stockpile at one of its sites, the head of the task force in charge of eliminating the chemical weapons has said.

The comments from Envoy Sigrid Kaag came as Syria appeared to miss a Sunday deadline to remove its arsenal from the country.

Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile is scheduled to be destroyed by 30 June.

According to the BBC, Kaag said that the biggest bulk of the chemical weapons material is removed, but not yet destroyed.

She added that there was still some chemical weapons material at one site.

Kaag added that the United Nations was concerned by recent reports that Syrian forces had used chlorine gas as a weapon.

She said the facilities need to produce, prepare and launch a chemical weapons attack had been destroyed (ANI)