US think tank’s index ranks Pakistan among least religiously diverse countries

Karachi, Apr. 05: A Washington based American think tank has published an index, which has reportedly ranked Pakistan among the least religiously diverse countries in a religiously diverse Asian region.

The Religious Diversity Index published by the Pew Research Centre reportedly ranks each country by its level of religious diversity and is divided into four ranges, ‘very high’, ‘high’, ‘moderate’ and ‘low’.

Pakistan holds the top place in the 10-point index among the 136 ‘low diversity’ countries, the largest on the index indicating that most countries in the world are not religion diverse.

Pakistan reportedly has a Religious Diversity Index score of 0.8 ranking 185 out of 232 countries included in the study, featuring an overwhelming Muslim population of 96.4 percent while Hindus constituted largest religious minority with 1.9 percent of the population.

Singapore with a population of more than 5 million got the highest score on the Religious Diversity Index out of the 232 countries in the study, the report added. (ANI)