Won’t tolerate any leaders who make hate speeches during polls, warns V S Sampath

Chennai, Apr.12: The Chief Election Commissioner of India Veeravalli Sundaram Sampath on Saturday said that the Election Commission (EC) will not tolerate leaders who make hate comments during poll campaign.

While addressing a press conference, Sampath stated, “EC has communicated instructions of banning public meetings for those leaders who indulge in hate speech to all states. Inflammatory statements of communal nature will be dealt with strictly.”

This speech comes after EC had banned both Samajwadi Party (SP) leader Azam Khan and general secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Amit Shah from addressing any public rallies after they made “highly inflammatory speeches” during election campaigns.

Sampath also added, “to create awareness on ethical voting and not to fall prey to inducements various squads of vigilance are in place in order to inform public of danger of corrupt practices. We are very particular that any citizen who is carrying genuine cash is not put to any harassment, if the person explains the source of money and its purpose that he must be releases.”

“We would like to inform the general public that receiving of bribe is a penal offence under Section 171 (B) of Indian Penal Code IPC and it is punishable with imprisonment up to one year,” Sampath said.

The Chief Election Commissioner also stated that, same rules would be applicable on social media as applied on other modes of mainstream media.

“Since, social media has become active, hence, the Commission has come up with guidelines that all the provisions of law applicable to electronic media will also apply to social media,” Sampath said. (ANI)