Twitter outrage over David Haye selfie with Metropolitan policeman

London, Apr. 24: Former world heavyweight boxing champion David Haye selfie with Metropolitan policeman Hitesh Patel has created a Twitter outrage after being posted on the website.

Patel had reportedly pulled over the former champion for speeding, but let him go with a warning after Haye agreed to pose for a selfie with the policeman.

Patel tweeted the picture to Haye, three years after the incident, with a message saying that when they met after the boxer was ‘enjoying’ his car, reported.

Haye replied to Patel’s tweet, while retweeting to his one million followers, thanking him for not ‘nicking’ him.

The tweet reportedly created an outrage on the website with one tweet saying that the policeman should be sacked for taking selfies with celebrities and letting them off charges because they are famous.

Another tweet said that Patel can take a selfie of the user if he will get him off his speeding fine.

Another tweet questioned Patel on how many non celebrities he usually ‘not nicks’ for speeding, the report added. (ANI)