Twitter users tag Jeremy Clarkson ‘racist’ for naming new pet dog Didier ‘Dogba’

London, Apr. 22: Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has reportedly been entangled in a fresh Twitter fight after being tagged as racist for naming his new dog Didier Dogba.

The English broadcaster, journalist and writer who specializes in motoring, announced that he has named the small black dog after the former Chelsea footballer Didier Drogba.

According to the Daily Star, the Twitter backlash began when some users accused Clarkson of ‘racism’.

Clarkson then responded in his tweet asking users why is it racist to name ones amazingly brilliant dog after a footballer.

However, many users stood up for Clarkson, with some of them believing that he is only being targeted due to his reputation of saying stupid things, the report added. (ANI)