Union Minister rubbishes Baru’s account on Prime Minister

New Delhi, Apr. 12: Union Minister Anand Sharma on Saturday rubbished what PM’s former media adviser Sanjay Baru’s book had to say about the prime minister surrendering to Sonia Gandhi.

“I am very clear as a minister, this is ninth year running. I have worked closely watched closely and also the Chairperson of the UPA, I can say with all truth at my command and sincerity that is untrue. First all prime ministers respect has always been intact. Mrs. Gandhi has not done anything which can be construed that she tried to lower the dignity of the prime minister. As far as my knowledge is she has never asked on any information which is on file which ministers are privy to, so it is very difficult as part of the system and as a minister that what is being sold to the people is not true,” Sharma said.

Sanjay Baru, who was the media advisor to Dr. Manmohan Singh from 2004 to 2008, has claimed in his memoir named ‘ Manmohan Singh: The Accidental Prime Minister’ that Dr. Singh had virtually surrendered to Sonia Gandhi.

Baru has also claimed in his memoir that Singh had reportedly told him that there cannot be two power centres in a government. (ANI)