Virgin Australia passenger detained for causing ‘hijack scare’ denies being drunk

Sydney, Apr 26: The man, who was detained for causing mid-flight hijack scare on board a Virgin flight from Brisbane to Bali has reportedly denied that he was drunk or had intentions to hurt anyone, the police said.

According to, Matt Christopher Lockley, 28, repeatedly kept telling the police, who questioned him into the night in Bali, that he was not drunk and said that he banged on the cockpit door because he wanted medication from his luggage.

The plane on way to Bali from Brisbane was forced to land in Bali after the passenger attempted to enter the cockpit following which the pilot then broadcasted a hijack code over flight communication systems.

Meanwhile, Lockley, who had boarded the plane to Bali to see his Indonesian wife, was later taken to a Bali hospital where it was learned that he was being treated for a medical condition.

Describing Lockley’s state as exhausted, a police spokesman said that the man will be questioned again after he regained his health. (ANI)