Wackiest insurance claims revealed

London, Apr.25: An Insurance Company RIAS recently looked at 400,000 customer’s claims over a year and found out that some of the wackiest and weirdest cases were successful in claiming their insurance.

Peter Corfield, managing director at RIAS asserted that not all claims were straightforward and sometimes they did face some weird scenarios, and babies and animals were frequently the culprits, the Daily Star reported.

In a bizarre case, a slimy customer was able to get money back on a 78-pound carpet after a snail had chomped through it.

In another case, a 62-year-old’s glasses were blown off his face and were instantly run over by a car that caused her 469-pound of damage.

In other case more than 8,000 pounds of damage was caused when a pigeon fell down a chimney and flew around a house at full speed. (ANI)