Woman held for extorting Delhi bizman

New Delhi, April 20: A 30-year-old woman has been arrested from Rajasthan for trying to extort money from a Delhi businessman by threatening to trap him in a rape case using an obscene video footage, police said Sunday.

The woman had managed to extort Rs.5 lakh out of the businessman but her later demand for over Rs.1.5 crore forced the victim to approach the police.

Meenakshi, a resident of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, was arrested Saturday from Jaipur while receiving Rs.40 lakh, part of the extortion money.

“A jeweller Arun Kothari was also arrested for helping her as a conduit. Meenakshi’s husband Sandeep managed to flee,” a police officer said.

Police said 45-year-old businessman Jitendra Singh approached the authorities in January, and filed a case against the woman in Prashant Vihar police station in west Delhi. He said the woman had extorted Rs.5 lakh from him.

He told police that the woman herself had established a physical relationship with him last year and allegedly recorded a video of the act with the help of her husband and his friend Manjeet.

He told police the woman threatened to trap him in a rape case by showing the video, and demanded Rs.2 crore in exchange of the footage.

Initially, Jitendra Singh gave her Rs.5 lakh. But when she demanded Rs.1.5 crore, he filed a police complaint.

Police laid a trap to arrest the woman.

They told the man to give her Rs.40 lakh. The woman was arrested with one of her associates when they came to receive the money.

During interrogation, the woman said she ran a beauty parlour in Bharatpur, where the Delhi businessman owns a private engineering college.

She hatched the plan with her husband and his friend after finding out that the victim was a rich man. She befriended the man last year, established physical relations with him and trapped him by making the video, police said.