WWI spy Mata Hari blew kisses before execution

Washington, April 28: World War I spy Mata Hari was unfazed before her execution by firing squad, top secret files have revealed.

According to files recently released by the British intelligence agency M15, Mata Hari, the popular Dutch burlesque dancer, shrugged off questions about her long list of her lovers.

The MI5 files noted that when asked about her acquaintances with officers of all ranks and all nations, Mata Hari, born Margaretha Gertruda Zelle, said she loved all officers, and would rather have a poor officer than a rich banker as her lover.

The M15 files reportedly also show that Mata Hari never made a full confession nor did she ever give away anyone as her accomplice.

Stories of her execution also state that the spy refused to be blindfolded and blew a kiss before she was executed. (ANI)