Zambian leader blames Europe for Africa’s conflicts

Lusaka, April 5: Zambian President Michael Sata has blamed European countries for the conflicts taking place on the African continent, a Zambian daily reported Friday.

Sata, during the just-ended European Union (EU)-Africa Summit in Brussels, also accused European countries of playing double-standards, the Post of Zambia reported, according to Xinhua.

The 76-year-old Zambian leader told European countries that Africa did not have gun factories that fuel conflicts and that it was Europe that was guilty of manufacturing guns used in conflicts on the continent.

According to him, most of the poor child soldiers involved in conflicts in Africa were carrying guns made in Europe.

Sata said his government attaches great importance to the issue of good governance and democracy which he said were key for fostering prosperity and development.

Good governance, he said, promotes accountability, transparency, efficiency and rule of law in public administrations at all levels.

“The Zambian government has put in place a comprehensive policy and legal and institutional framework to curb corruption and abuse of public resources. I have confidence in my government’s zero tolerance for corruption and abuse of public resources,” he added.