One in 10 Americans think aliens behind MH370′s disappearance

London, May 7: Nearly one in 10 Americans think aliens are behind MH370′s disappearance.

The CNN/ORC International Poll was conducted nearly two months after the March 8 disappearance of the plane carrying 239 people.

The poll found that nine percent of Americans believe that space aliens or beings from another dimension were involved in the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines plane.

Nearly 79 percent of Americans think there are no survivors.

Nearly 52 percent believe that the general public will eventually find out what occurred, as compared to 46 percent who said that the fate of the missing airliner would always remain a mystery, the poll said.

Some two-thirds of respondents said it is very likely, 26 percent, or somewhat likely, 40 percent, that the disappearance was due to actions taken by the pilots or crew members.

Nearly 57 percent said that terrorists were likely involved in the disappearance of the plane.

Nearly 51 percent said that the plane, or its wreckage, is located in the Indian Ocean, but 46 percent said the plane is somewhere else, far from the search site.

Only 26 percent of Americans said that the Malaysian government has done a good job managing the search and providing information to the general public. (ANI)