5ft 4inches ‘Pie-scrapper’ becomes world’s first monster sized burger

London, May 6: A 5ft 4inches tall tower sized burger filled with bacon buttes, sausages, steak pies, pizzas and spaghetti Bolognese has been named the world’s biggest burger.

John Clarkson and his wife Corinne have created a super-sized beast that has 11 and a half pounds of beef with a cheeseburger in-between each layer and has been named ‘Pie-scrapper’, the Daily Star reported.

The tall tower of fast food, which contains 30,000 calories, stands on show at Mister Eater’s Eating Emporium, in Preston and the owners are eyeing a Guinness World Record for the burger as they believe that nobody else has done it yet. (ANI)