Now, activity tracker app that measures exercise intensity

Washington, May 11: Finnish startup Fjuul has developed an iOS app that instead of just tracking movements, it calculates the intensity of the activity too.

This means users are given a single overarching metric to evaluate how much exercise they really got, rather than just approximating their fitness by measuring overall steps, Tech Crunch reported.

The Fjuul Points metric is fed by multiple types of locomotive activities – with the aim of making activity tracking simpler and also motivating its user by allowing different types of activities to count as exercise (and show up in the data).

The app does also display steps taken and calories burned, but the focus is on Fjuul earned.

How exactly does it work? Fjuul does not rely on additional hardware to recognise and track movements – so there’s no wearable wristband – but rather makes use of sensors already in the iPhone, coupled with its own algorithms.

Examples of casual activities that can contribute to your overall Fjuul Points include shopping, gardening, dancing and walking – as well as more obvious exercise such as running or jogging on a treadmill. (ANI)